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Titel Japan's changing generations. Are young people creating a new society?
Autor Mathews, Gordon (Hg.) / White, Bruce (Hg.)
Schriftenreihe Japan anthropology workshop series (JAWS)
Erscheinungsort London Verlag RoutledgeCurzon
Erscheinungsjahr 2004 ISBN 0-415-32227-8
DIJ-Nr. B07783 Sprache E Seiten x, 206 p.
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Bemerkungen Includes bibliographical references and index. Handapparat DW
Schlagwort Youth -- Japan. Young adults -- Japan. Conflict of generations -- Japan. Japan -- Social conditions -- 1945- 367.68--367.6--361.64 Demographischer Wandel
Introduction. Changing generation in Japan today Mathews, Gordon / White, Bruce 1-12
The generation gap in Japanese society since the 1960s Sakurai, Tetsuo 15-30
Why are Japanese youth today so passive? Kotani, Satoshi 31-45
The local roots of global citizenship. Generational change in a Kyushu hamlet White, Bruce 47-63
How Japanese teenagers cope. Social pressure and personal responses Ackermann, Peter 67-82
Youth fashion and changing beautification practices Miller, Laura 83-97
"Guiding" Japan's university students through the generation gap McVeigh, Brian J. 99-117
Seeking a career, finding a job. How young people enter and resist the Japanese world of work Mathews, Gordon 121-136
Mothers and their unmarried daughters. An intimate look at generational change Nakano, Lynne. Wagatsuma, Moeko 137-153
What happens when they come back. How Japanese young people with foreign university degrees experience the Japanese workplace Mori, Shunta 155-170
Centered selves and life choices. Changing attitudes of young educated mothers Sasagawa, Ayumi 171-187
Epilogue. Are Japanese young people creating a new society? White, Bruce / Mathews, Gordon 189-206