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Titel Japan through the lens of the Tokyo Olympics
Autor Holthus, Barbara (Hg.) / Gagné, Isaac (Hg.) / Manzenreiter, Wolfram (Hg.) / Waldenberger, Franz (Hg.)
Erscheinungsort London Verlag Routledge
Erscheinungsjahr 2020 ISBN 978-0-367-47168-2
DIJ-Nr. B11511 Sprache E Seiten xvi, 143 p.
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Bemerkungen Includes index
Schlagwort Olympics -- Planning Olympics -- Political aspects -- Japan -- Tokyo Olympics -- Economic aspects -- Japan -- Tokyo Olympics -- Social aspects -- Japan -- Tokyo Olympics -- Security measures -- Japan 780.69
Understanding Japan through the lens of Tokyo 2020 Holthus, Barbara / Gagné, Isaac / Manzenreiter, Wolfram / Waldenberger, Franz 1-7
Olympics and the media Manzenreiter, Wolfram 8-11
Skateboarding. "F*** the Olympics" Manzenreiter, Wolfram 12
Political gemes Klein, Axel 13-17
Number gemes. The economic impact of Tokyo 2020 Waldenberger, Franz 18-24
Climbing. New sport on the block Manzenreiter, Wolfram 25
Advertising the games. Sponsoring a new era Gagné, Isaac 26-31
Karate. Bowing to the Olympics in style Manzenreiter, Wolfram 32
Herculean efforts. What the construction of the Olympic Stadium reveals about working conditions in Japan Heinrich, Steffen 33-38
Tokyo 2020 and neighborhood transformation. Reworking the entrepreneurial city Lützeler, Ralph 39-45
Ho(s)t city. Tokyo's fight against the summer heat Kuhn, Jan Lukas 46
Tokyo's architecture and urban structure. Change in an ever-changing city Purkarthofer, Florian 47-51
Success story. The 1964 Tokyo Olympics Weber, Torsten 52-53
San'ya 2020. From building to hosting the Tokyo Olympics Jentzsch, Hanno 54-58
Baseboll/softball. one more homer for Japan Manzenreiter, Wolfram 59
Outdoor sports in the periphery. Far from the compact games Kremers, Daniel 60-64
Surfing. Taken with a grain of salt Manzenreiter, Wolfram 65
Tokyo's 1940 "Phantom Olympics" in public memory. When Japan chose war over the Olympics Weber, Torsten 66-72
Upgrading Tokyo's linguistic infrastructure for the 2020 games Backhaus, Peter 73-79
Sexual minorities and the Olympics Hirayama, Maki 80
The Paralympic games. Enabling sports and empowering disability Heyer, Katharina 81-87
Sex in the city Hirayama, Maki 88
Games of romance? Tokyo in search of love and unity in diversity Kottmann, Nora 89-94
The 2020 Olympic mascot characters. Japan wants to make a difference Kuhn, Jan Lukas 95-96
Olympic education. How Tokyo 2020 shapes body and mind in Japan Manzenreiter, Wolfram 97-102
Sex in the village Hirayama, Maki 103
Volunteering Japan-style. "Field cast" for the Tokyo Olympics Holthus, Barbara 104-109
The difference between zero and one. Voices from the Tokyo anti-Olympic movements Ganseforth, Sonja 110-115
Beyond 2020. Post-Olympic pessimism in Japanese cinema Kuhn, Jan Lukas 116-117
Tokyo 2020 from the regional sidelines Gagné, Isaac 118-123
Olympic leverages. The struggle for sustainable food standards Ganseforth, Sonja 124-129
Security for the Tokyo Olympics Polak-Rottmann, Sebastian 130-135
The Olympic and Paralympic games as a technology showcase Waldenberger, Franz 136
Tokyo 2020. Connecting the past with the future Manzenreiter, Wolfram / Harada, Munehiko / Horne, John 137-140