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Titel Rethinking locality in Japan
Autor Ganseforth, Sonja (Hg.) / Jentzsch, Hanno (Hg.)
Schriftenreihe Nissan Institute/Routledge Japanese studies series
Erscheinungsort Abingdon, Oxon Verlag Routledge
Erscheinungsjahr 2022 ISBN 978-0-367-46948-1
DIJ-Nr. B11583 Sprache E Seiten xvii, 288 p.
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Bemerkungen Includes bibliographical references and index
Schlagwort Economics -- Japan -- Sociological aspects Local government -- Japan 302.1 -- 318
Rethinking locality in Japan. Introduction Ganseforth, Sonja / Jentzsch, Hanno 1-17
Locality in Shônai. Scale, containers, fields, and horizons Kelly, William W. 21-36
Localized yet deterritorialized lives in rural Japan. Fragmented localities, mobility, and neoliberalism Klien, Susanne 37-51
Rur-bane relations. Assemblage and cosmopolitics in central Hokkaido Hansen, Paul 52-68
The meaning of place for selfhood and well-being in rural Japan Manzenreiter, Wolfram / Holthus, Barbara 69-84
Localizing the nuclear. Risk normalization and sense of place after Fukushima Katramiz, Tarek 87-101
Mapping the local economy of care. Social welfare and volunteerism in local communities Gagné, Isaac 102-116
San'ya. The making and unmaking of a welfare quarter Jentzsch, Hanno 117-133
Defending the local. Resident activism against municipal mergers in postwar rural Japan Kremer, Sven 137-152
Local governance of public transport services. Maintaining identity and independence after the Heisei Mergers Thelen, Timo / Oguma, Hitoshi 153-167
Territorialized yet fluid locality. Reform, consolidation, and the more-than-human in Japanese fishery cooperatives Ganseforth, Sonja 168-186
The reinterpretation of locality and place in the wine industry of Yamanashi Prefecture Kingsbury, Aaron 187-205
Furusato nôzei tax. Local place in national tax policy and the dynamics of locality Rausch, Anthony / Koji, Junichiro 209-223
Uprooting the political landscape. How municipal mergers untethered the local from national politics Yamada, Kyohei 224-243
Competing conceptions of local democracy in Japan Victor, Ken / Hijino, Leonard 244-260
Earth in our locale. Decentering and decelerating the human in the anthropocene Matanle, Peter 263-277