Titel Contemporary Japan. Journal of the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo
Erscheinungsjahr 2018 Jahrgang/Heft Vol. 30 No. 2, 2018
ISSN 1869-2729 Signatur BZ029-1 DIJ-Nr. 0018536
Pop culture contents and historical heritage. The case of heritage revitalization through "contents tourism" in Shiroishi city Yamamura, Takayoshi 144-163
Protecting Japan from immigrants? An ethical challenge to security-based justification in immigration policy Rochel, Johan 164-188
The last suffrage movement in Japan. Voting rights for persons under guardianship Okura, Sae 189-203
Regulating risks in healthcare in Japan. Between new politics and the tradition of liberal practice in medicine Kodate, Naonori 204-226
Prolonging working life in Japan. Issues and practices for elderly employment in an aging society Martine, Julien / Jaussaud, Jacques 227-242