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Titel Contemporary Japan. Journal of the German Institute for Japanese Studies Tokyo
Year Published 2020 Vol./No. Vol. 32 No. 2, 2020
ISSN 1869-2729 Holding Number BZ029-1 DIJ-No. 0007548
Picturing translocal matters in a mobile world. Photography as a method of ethnographic research at a Japanese gathering in Berlin Gerster, Julia / Morokhova, Natalia 150-173
Tabunka ky├┤sei without immigration policy. The role of centers for international exchange and their challenges Kim, Viktoriya / Streich, Philip 174-196
Who am I with others? Selfhood and shuwa among mainstream educated deaf and hard-of-hearing Japanese youth McGuire, Jennifer M. 197-217
The taught curriculum of moral education at Japanese elementary school. The role of classtime in the broad curriculum Bamkin, Sam 218-239
Area studies and the disciplines. Japanese Studies and anthropology in comparative perspective Eyal, Ben-Ari 240-261